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About me

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Hi there, I'm Amber! I'm a Detroit girl, born and raised. I'm a full-time educator and part-time traveler. As a teacher and everyday girl, I think I've seen my fair share of the world, had some incredible adventures, met some cool people, can tell some funny stories, and still enjoy calling Detroit my home. 

What inspired this blog? Every time I did my research before going on a trip, my go-to is Pinterest travel guides. Yes, I find some amazing bloggers with amazing pictures and I always hope that mine would turn out the same, but they never do lol. I realized I travel for fun opposed to work or my livelihood which makes a very big difference.  As a graduate student and a teacher, luxury travel is not my travel style either. I also only own an iPhone and GoPro, so nope, those phenomenal shots I dreamed about aren't even in my reach lol.  So if you're anything like me,  let me help you create some life long memories along your way the same way I have for myself. 

Most days you can find me studying (yawn :)), teaching, spending time with my family, friends, and my latest edition, Oliver, my pup. I'm usually in for a new adventure or a typical fun time.  

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