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Detroit shipping company

Detroit Shipping Company recently celebrated its first anniversary, and I celebrated it too. To think it all started with shipping containers! Ever since it opened, my belly and I have had some fun times there. They have numerous food vendors and offer a variety of different eats. The bars keep seasonal drinks, so the menus are never dull, plus I enjoy the staff’s company. Yes, I'm a regular! My favorite thing about the Shipping Company is that you can sample different things all in one place like a mini buffet. Occasionally, I've even pulled out my computer and got some work done while indulging. The venue is dog-friendly, and Oliver gobbles up the attention every single time! What can I say, he’s a little ladies man or just a people’s person...sort of. I think it's safe to say he's a regular too :). 

Detroit Shipping Company

The venue includes six unique restaurants, two bars, a t-shirt shop, a podcast studio, an art gallery, and indoor and outdoor seating. The prices are reasonable, so a little goes a long way. 

Detroit Resturant

My favorite eats include the jerk chicken wings, chicken sausage on pineapple, and Caribbean corn from COOP by Celebrity Chef Max Hardy. These are typically my go-to, although I do have an occasional menu item from the others. The bartenders are so much fun, and they have jumbo games (I love board games btw). They also have frequent events, a few I’ve attended, and one, my friends and I had of our own. It’s a super fun venue, with good food, good drinks, good people, and a mellow ambiance!  You should check it out if you haven't already! Enjoy! -XO Amb

Detroit Resturant
crispy brussel sprouts, spicy cauliflower, and jerk wings 
Detroit Resturant
 carribean corn
Detroit Food
Detroit Food
Detroit Food
steak sandwich 
corn, jerk wings and chicken sausage on 
jerk chicken wings

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